The Heavy Metal Money Productivity Journal

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With this 3-month Daily Planner, you can kick your productivity up to 11! 

We break down some journal prompts and reminders to stay on task and build productive habits. 

Note Daily & Weekly Priorities, and Task lists!

Daily list things you are grateful for - Science has proved that the practice of gratitude changes your brain. It helps your relationships, your productivity, and your success.  The more we practice gratitude, we become more generous and lessen our negativity. 

What song is inspiring you for the day.

A weekly inspirational or motivational quote from a band or artist! 

A weekly prompt to keep you reflecting and thinking.  

Daily reminders for meditation and exercise.

A monthly financial review page to track your income, expenses, debt, or savings. Humans do tend to excel at those things in which we track our progress!

Keep your horns up, and Kick your Productivity up to 11!